Falling 8

Put you outside, threw you away, walked out on you, beat you off, let you fall, showed you the door, drove you off, broke up with you, threw you over, sent you away, rejected you, put you away, turned you out of doors, kicked you out, casted you out, threw you out, turned you away, let you go.

You are in despair, in ruins, worn out with it, canʼt keep it under control, beside thyself, in a blue mood, feel depressed, sad about it, absolutely done up, lethargic, went deep, quite upset, fall to pieces, it knocks you down, your heart bleeds.

In a certain moment of our lives we all have to face the tragedy of loosing somebody important to us. This is the most difficult experience to deal with, to pass through. We all had to learn to trust the healing quality of time. This common knowledge gives all of us the wisdom how to let go of attachments and brings us deeper to explore our emotional depths.

In this one hour the audience can peep in to a personal struggle of two different characters, gets confronted with their own memories through the performers and through the greatest sad songs in the history of music.

Dancers/choreographers: Tamás Bakó, Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi


WP Zimmer / Antwerp

New Performing Arts Foundation / Budapest

National Cultural Funds Hungary

Mu Theater / Budapest

Tours and festivals abroad: December Dance Festival, Brugges, Belgium, 2010