What is this number? A new mobile phone model? I’ve googled it. Beta 1.7 Minecraft 1.7 update... it could be the new 1.7 chick of Pygmalion. I have clicked them through but found no content that relates to the female body. However, it relates to nature, to naturalness and to artificial, to gender topics, to giving birth and to abortion – all sorts of current and trendy topics. And to migration as well.

Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi investigates the female body, its role in today’s society, its reasons and aspects of successfulness or unsuccessfulness. Revealing taboos and personal confessions about living in a female body in a lecture-performance solo piece.

Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi’s hand-made solo piece with playful humour, video inserts on the various social aspects of the female body and role investigates the issues of the society’s restraining and castrating effect on the female nature through advertisements, manipulated media, tradition or just mere tomfoolery. And this is all done in a plain, personal voice, through movement and dance bare from any fabrication, which makes us feel that we could be there on stage with her with our imperfect bodies, with her thoughts. Presenting the roles of a modern woman we get to the ultimate problem: shall we offer our biological capacities to the service of society and improve the current – 1.7 – European birth-rate or shall we leave the future of Europe to be solved by immigration?

Concept and choreography: Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi

Music: Ryan Seaton

Animation: Viktor Vicsek

Light: Zoltán Nagy

Artistic consultant: Adrienn Hód

Producer: SÍN Culture Center

Supporters: National Cultural Fund of Hungary, MU Theatre, Budapest Municipality, Baryshnikov Arts Centre, Staféta, Füge Production.

Premiered on 2016, MU Theatre, Budapest.

Selected for the DunapArt Festival within the 10 best productions between 2015-2017 of the Hungarian independent dance scene.

The next show will be June 2020 in the Festival of Dance Perspective Ljubljana.