About me

I write this unusual debut to share with you my motivation to get up in the morning and keep on digging for truth and value, for things that are real, things that makes me feel. Let me share with you my story:

Growing up in the changing times of the 80's in East-Europe Hungary my mother had a unique sense of values. She believed studying music structure the brain very well for further studies. We learned to sing in the Trabant (East-European iconic paper cart car) and took up many instruments in the music elementary school: violin, piano, flute, citera. I became the child of Kodaly-method: a system that allowed me to read classical music notation, and understand my favourite composers in a very early age. I grew up listening to Bartok’s Bluebeard’s Castle on the turntable, and I clearly remember in music analysis class when the teacher showed us Debussy Clair de Lune. I was 13 and I hid my face from the teacher not to see my tears running down from the realisation: I found the most beautiful music on Earth.

Biology was the other thing I was interested in. I memorised the names of all the dinosaurs, I knew the molecular structure of all the precious stones and what forces creates them, we had 19 cats, 13 kinds of cage-birds, turtles, many kinds of fish, 3 dogs, 5 pigs, 20 chicken, 10 ducks, 50 fruit trees, all the veggies we needed with all the bad bugs and all the good bugs. That was my eden garden. I hated when they killed the pigs and the ducks, but than I was very curious how their inside looks like and my grandma showed me the stomach, the liver… When I was 10 my mother studied anatomy to put down her second diploma. I studied with her. I memorised all the latin words of bones, muscles, parts of the brain…

One day I had to decide: do I keep on doing violin and stay 8 hours on a chair daily, or do I study to become a doctor and stay 8 hours on a chair daily. My grandma was very sick that time. I saw that the doctors can not really help, they are just giving pills, so I thought maybe sitting the rest of my life and giving pills is not the best option for me. Than I had a terrible experience performing with my violin. I didn’t practice enough before the performance. That felt so bad, I stopped forever. There was a very strong body experience I had around 12. I became the 3rd in a running race. I was always the weakest, the smallest in my class, but I started running training few months before the race and I ended up the 3rd not feeling tired. At that moment I realised: I can do anything with my body, it is changeable, I only need to practice like I did with the violin. I started to go to dance classes after elementary school, everyone told me I am not good enough but I had the experience it can change. I could not discipline myself to practice violin alone for hours, but I could go to dance class every day and gain the discipline for moving by being with other dancers all day long. I could not do it alone but I could do it with others. The most important experiences were with Vicky Shick and Chrysa Parkinson, they showed me how movement can be effortless and Chrysa Parkinson added into this knowledge with showing me how a movement can be anatomicaly correct, Eszter Gal and David Zambrano, who transcended me to a different mindset while improvising, Thomas Hauert who expended my movement potential with his working method and Janett Panetta who thought me technique in an analytical way, so I could understand first the task and do it with ease. After 9 years of training in Budapest Contemporary Dance School, in SEAD and in P.A.R.T.S. I thought I will never be a dancer in a company so I better focus on choreographing, but surprisingly I ended up in Rosas, the dance company of Anne-Teresa De Keersmaeker after my studies. In the company I learned very well what does it mean being a professional dancer, what does it take to be your better and better self with each show, how to prepare yourself, how to live as a professional, and how to create together the next show. Every time when Anne-Teresa explained her motivation and ideas for the next show I fell emotional. She always had an emotional drive, a personal story to tell.

After 4 years I wanted to create my own work. My life took two directions: pedagogy and creation. I started to teach what I believed made me a dancer, I developed a method to correct anatomical problems which is a great tool for warming up and keep the alignment of the joints in control by using the latest research on fascia technology. I developed an improvisational based methodology to bring out the full potential of dance students in BCDA and SEAD. The base of my pedagogical methods are rooted in deep anatomical knowledge, professional experience and special coaching techniques based on gestalt psychology. I created with Szilard Mosonyi psychologist a coaching method to develop the quality of life of clients from any background by changing their emotional relation to their bodies.

My choreographic methods are inspired by Thierry De Mey’s work, the minimalist approach creating the movement material from improvisational technologies and work with mathematical structures. I had the luck to become the assistant of him in his latest creation: Simplexity. After creating pieces with computer scientists and visual artists my latest interest is bringing me back to the natural wonders from my childhood mixed with my latest passion of diving. These are my eco-pieces. In my next solo I am searching the ecology of the female body.