Deep blue

Our senses are the gates between our external and internal world. It is a system between the sensory organs and the brain, connected by neural pathways. These systems are those for vision, hearing, somatic sensation, taste and smell. We communicate through these sensory systems, and everybody using these channels in their own unique way. For most of the people visual sensation is their leading connection with the world, but for some people their auditory sensation is stronger. The somatosensory system has many sensations: the feeling of pain, temperature, pressure, touch, muscle movement, joint posture and facial expression. Collectively also called proprioceptive system. Some of us use this channel for communication easier than others.

We searched for paths to reach these entrances and play with the increase or decrease of the information level within the selected communication channel, leading to the fulfillment of the senses. We wanted to create visual, auditory and movement material free of constraints by not giving direct meaning to the scenes. Like this we hope we constructed a piece that leaves the imagination of the viewer free, to experience their own creativity.

Deep Blue is a multimedia performance created with a dancer, beatbox artist, visual designer and a programmer. The piece starts as an analogue performance with live dance and music than more and more technology is introduced to interact with the movement and the sound. The performers gradually reduce their activity and the technology takes more and more the full stage until the show keeps on running by itself without any real performer. We used kinect and infrared cameras to capture the movement in 3D in space

The piece consists of three parts going through an evolution from analog to digital performance. We use three channels to communicate with: the sound, the movements and the visuals. In the first part the performers takes all the attention, the dancer and the musician using their full capacity to move with the whole body and to give all possible sounds with the vocal cords and the mouth. They reach the limit of what they can possibly do with only their presence. In the second part the movements takes the lead to manipulate digitally the sound and the lights/colors by using cameras and sensors to lead more and more towards the third part, where the performers original body and voice disintegrate and gives a unique visual experience.

Concept and choreography: Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi

Concept, visuals and sound: Tóbiás Terebessy

Concept, animation and interactive technology: Viktor Vicsek Sound concept, design and voice: Bartha Mark (Defa) 
 Interactive sound design: Márton Péter (Prell)

Costume: Szakál Andrea

Sound concept: István Rimóczi

Premiered: Mu Theater Budapest.

The piece was created with the support of Workshop Foundation Budapest, within the framework of Research to the Unknown program and with the help of VGC, Vooruit Gent, La Raffinnerie Brussels, L1 Dancelab Budapest, Trafo Budapest.